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I decided to write the name of this blog down on dollar bills. Just so the world knows about this :D

*long entry huh?*



Today were the regionals. As you can imagine I, an inexperienced wrestler, lost to experienced and buff wrestlers. Pure beasts they were! I think I have two flaws:

1) I understimate my opponents
2) I think too much

Underestimating your opponents in a match is possibly the most stupidest thing I could do. I think they're too stupid to make a move (as I am) so I myself wait, thinking of my next move. Which falls into number 2.

I think far too much! In the middle of a match I've been taught to just strike at him with and not think too much because it'll cost me. And in fact it did. I was thinking of what I was going to do and what possible moves he was going to do and I lost miserably. Instead of just shooting for him I let him take me down and pin me in less than two minutes. I had all these moves planned out in my head, but once I'm out there I think. And think. Until I end up losing.

It sucks >.<

The good thing is that our school won first place in regionals for the first time in the history of the school! Amazing, I know :]


Murdered Soldat

Today, I decided to deleted Soldat and redownload it later. I was downloading a Mod for it (not a hack) and it worked perfectly. I downloaded another mod and that's when things went fuck.

I started Soldat hoping to see a hot new look and the dedicated server thing popped up. I'm like "What the fuck?" and decided to delete that mod. Even after deleting the files to that mod the 'dedicated server' box kept on popping up!

I got so frustrated I decided to uninstall Soldat and reinstall it. I'm never downloading that mod again...

Last Saturday our school faced four other schools in hopes of winning first place for the first time. We won first place and our most competitive rival got sixth place out of eight. Our coach says it was the first time our school had ever won first place.

This upcoming Saturday are regionals. It's basically an individual competition but you are still representing your school. The top two guys in every weight class are sent in and the top 4 that win regionals go to sectionals. The top three in sectionals get sent to state. I'm going to be sent to regionals and hopefully make it to state.

Today I found this funny thing on a forum for Soldat mods:



I've been playing Soldat a while now. Not sure how long exactly but pretty long. Apparently, I'm so good that people accuse me of hacking though :/ They say I have infinite ammo and that I form hack. I didn't know what form hacking was so I asked them and they said it was basically infinite ammo. I obviously laughed out loud and told them that if I hacked I'd be much better.

I've been playing Soldat under the name of my favorite website (SFDT). So if you see anything if SFDT in the title it's probably me.

To learn more about Soldat click here and to actually download it click here.



Yes, I'm a fatty :(

I weigh as much as I should for my age put I still have the stomach. It's so big and ovalish. So I've decided that I'm gonna try and lose weight :O

I bought a book a little while ago called and it says you shouldn't eat very much after six. Some book about natural cures. Here is the site.

I've also been searching on google for calories and other crap and it turns out I should eat about 2000 calories daily. To calculate how many calories you need to eat per day click here.

I also got a pedometer from a cereal box (ironic isn't it?) and again went searching on google. It says boys should walk around 15000 steps per day, girls should walk 12000, and other stuff. The site is here if you wanna check it out.

And because I need to eat around 2000 calories per day I had to check out some other websites. This website gives a fairly long list of foods and their calories and this gives a fairly short list.

So for all you people out there that have been trying to lose weight I hope I helped =)


What the hell is the meaning of this?!

The meaning of life. What is it? A question that has plagued philosphers, scientists, and common men for centuries. While some say to live every day as if it is your last I say live every day the way you normally would.

If you were to truthfully live every day as if it were your last then you would literally have nothing to live for. For the next day you will never see your family, friends, and prized possesions. Your entire life will have been a mistake. Nothing you lived for in the past will affect your life because you are living your last day. And now you go to bed. You sleep. Later, you wake up only to find you haven't died yet.

You're so happy! You're alive, you have something to live for now! Your life finally has some meaning!

Would this happen to you if a doctor were to tell you you were gonna die the next day?

The phrase "Live every day as if it's your last" makes no sense to me. The thought of saying goodbye to everything you onced loved and care for has no meaning. Now on the other hand, if you were to live out every day as you normally would (or better) you would appreciate everything you have in some way or form. Weather it is eating your favorite breakfast or going to the mall with your friends you would appreciate it. Weather you notice it or not you are appreciating it what you have at that time simply by doing it. I do somewhat agree with the phrase "Actions speak louder than words" in this case, simply because the action of going to the mall with your friends or eating your favorite breakfast is better than saying 'goodbye' to it all.

My point here is that you shouldn't live every day as if it's your last. Live every day normally and appreciate what you have or don't have.

So, how does this tie in with the 'true' meaning of life? Well, thats your job to find out. I believe there are two types of 'lives' to live. The first type is the type set by your religion and it's beliefs. So if you choose to follow that your life is already set out for you in someway. The second type is yours to choose but both consist of death.

I have pondered the phrase "What is the (true) meaning of life" for a long time and have come to the conclusion that there are two types of lives to live and that both of them consist of death. My original thought was that the meaning of life was to die. Simple enough right?


The meaning of life is NOT to simply die. Every life affects another. Let's say a baby is born and within the first two months of his/her life the baby dies. It's simple enough to say that the meaning of the baby's life was to die. Nothing happened to anyone else. But thats wrong. The baby's life affected many lives. When the baby died the parents were shocked and overcome by grief and sadness. But later they'll (hopefully) realize the joys of life. To learn to appreciate what they all ready have. And what they don't. This unfortunate event has turned to something they can look back on and say "I learned something that day. I learned to appreciate everything I have... and what I don't have".

The fact that everybody's life affects another makes everybody connected. And everybody's lives precious and unique in some way.

So obviously the meaning of life is not just simply death. There's something in the middle. And you have to fill that in. Because remember, the choices you make affect everybody around you and because of that, life is worth living.



Nothing happened today. I mean, the Earth didn't implode, the universe didn't collapse in itself, nothing happened. And if it did I wouldn't know either :)

Hell, I don't even know if the Bears won or lost!

I'm currently pulling an all nighter, doing some homework I should have done about 8 hours ago. I'm gonna get about 4 hours of sleep today at most. Ugh...

So today's site is... *drum roll*


A free MUD (Multi-User-Dungeon). For those of you with no social life, a MUD is a text based game. That means it has no actul graphics to speak of and requires you to use your imagination!

This game is real cool if you like medieval fantasies and sort. It has quests, prizes, games, and even it's own chatroom! So check Evermore out =)


Aren't You Bored Yet?

Today our school had another meet. We had to face two other schools in the morning again. This time it wasn't that big but it was still pretty fun.

I lost both my matches :(

They were both mostly my fault. In the first match the other guy was fat, and in the second I was distracted by my coaches.

Now our school's score is 11:1. So far we've won 11 matches out of 12. One more match left!

And today's site is...


Addicting game with zombies. Choose 'the Box'. It's easy at first but then it gets really hard...


The Day of Today

A couple of days ago my math teacher found out some students in my grade were writing profanities in some of our text books. They were writing things like "S*** my *0**". I really don't know what since they didn't say. Ryan and Jared were two of the people who wrote in it.

Ryan used to be in wrestling but quit the first week and Jared is a very good wrestler who got kicked out of wrestling. As far as I know they both got suspended. I know for sure Jared got suspended, though. I also heard this guy, Drew, also had something to do with it. I heard he got a detentinon though.

And today's site...

How to Annoy People!!1!11two11!

Best site to learn how to annoy people anywhere!

And also...

The Llama Song!



Today was another meet. I got to leave school early to compete against this retarded school. Coach said they'd be hard but we beat the crap out of them 66-33. Pretty fun.

I lost my match but it was against this complete beast! I would have won if I didn't stop to think about what to do next at some points. Brooks lost his match yet again. He completely sucks.

So today's site has to do with law. This might not interest you now but it will in the future when you 'have' to pay taxes.

You Are Not Required to Pay Taxes

Yup. The 16 amendmant states that paying taxes is voluntary and if you are arrested for not paying your taxes it is a violation of the fifth amendmant which basically says you can't be arrested if you didn't do anything wrong.


Not Worth Reading

Nothing happened today. I went to see Smokin' Aces though >.>

And today's site of the day:

Free Stuff Online!


Big Wrestling Meet

Today, I had to head over to my school at about 7:00AM to wrestle about 7 other schools. We were undefeated before that meet and were undefeated as we went, too. Hell, we were kicking the crap out of all the other teams. All of us tried our hardest and succeeded.

But then came the final match. The best two schools (us and another) were competing for the first place trophy. The small weight classes on our side was the best but around the middle weight class we started to suck. All of our team tried but I guess it wasn't good enough. Then came the heavy weights on our team. One heavy weight from the other team forfeited so that gave us some points as we were losing. The next match was a tough one, but we got away with it ;] Then the final match, when we most needed a pin from our team, we lost. We lost by about 6 points or something. If Morgan had been there we would have won for sure, but he pulled a muscle so we lost. Same if Dale would have won his match but he barely lost. I wrestled too (and won) but since I'm not varsity it didn't count as points. Just practice.

At least this gave our team to think about what we could have done better so that next time, we'll kill them >:]

Today I also saw my mom talking to a janitor. I've talked to that janitor before but he never saw my mom. I saw him once after wrestling practice and started talking to him. Today I walked up to my mom in the wrestling meet and saw her talking to the janitor which coincides to my theory. I believe everything, no matter what, is connected to something (or everything). If I hadn't joined wrestling I never would have talked to the janitor. If I hadn't talked to the janitor he never would have known me when I went to talk to my mom. If I hadn't went to talk to my mom he never would have known I was her son and I wouldn't have talked to him that day.

And this post is already long enough but I've decided to make a site of the day every couple of days or something. So today's sites are:


Simplistic's Movie Links

For giving the world free shows, movies, cartoons and more!


Something about Spelling...

Ha. So today was the spelling bee at my school. All the grades that won from their classes went there. I managed to win by spelling 'canary' right in my classroom and went to the school spelling bee.

Then for some reason I lost! >:O

I had to spell 'Crevasse' or something and lost! I forgot how you really spell it but I lost. The good thing is that now I can focus more on my wrestling.


I Drew Something Totally Irrelevant to Life

In the middle of history class today while listening to my teacher talk on and on about Samuel Adams I managed to do something creative and totally irrelevant to life as I know it. I drew my own hand :O

Why you ask? Well, my 5th grade teacher told me that to practice drawing I first had to draw my own hand. And what better time to do it than in the middle of class am I right?

So here is my hand type thing I drew.

Today, I also managed to get in a wrestling match with a girl :O

She was actually pretty good for a girl but I beat her. Unlike this guy Brooks who has lost all of his matches and one of them being to a girl. Our team (school) has won all of our matches so far. Our coach told us that if one of our competing schools asked us if we beat the last team we faced to say 'barely'. I think he told the same thing to the other school since he works there in the morning. He says they barely won by 8 points. We won by about 30 or something. The score was 69-21. We're gonna face our competing school (Prairie) on Saturday. And a week or two after that.

I"m reading a book right now about wrestling called 'Winning Wrestling Moves'. Maybe this time I'll actually finish reading a book...


No Title Here :)

So, I didn't post for a while. I've been trying to focus more on school work a little more. I usually wouldn't but I kind of have to since I am failing a class and if I fail a class I can't participate in wrestling. Of course, coach hasn't said anything about it but I am trying to avoid that conversation with him.

I logged in to SFDT only to find that 'Nawhz' (now known as 'NAZ') came back. He was previously banned for posting a pornographic link as a joke. Matt Calvert (the admin and owner) used to allow it but it got so high that he said he was gonna ban anyone who posted it. Hell, I was even warned for posting a link. So Nawhz got banned and returned to SFDT for some reason. He kind of reminds me of Rypnox. Another retarded noob. He made lot's of accounts and said he got hacked and crap.

This was the guy who hacked into his account.

He was in some forum Soundman made and for some reason gave him his password which turned out to be his password in SFDT. Soundman and other people hacked it and Rypnox left for once :)



Today I logged in to Stick Figure Death Theater and found a post made by Kasumato. He posted this link. He started saying crap about how much it was a mistake and how much they were tortured and shit. Sure they may have died for nothing but what's done is done and there's nothing anybody can do to change that! People have to look towards the future, forget about the past, and focus on the present to get ahead in their lives.

I started to say that thousands of people die every day and Hiroshima was no different but he just kept at it! He said stuff about how people within a 2 mile radius or something were incinerated quickly but he should learn to forget that. Hell, he wasn't even alive!

Hiroshima honestly was a mistake. I mean, we would have eventually found some way to end it other than the bomb. Either that or they would have bombed us >.>

Here is the topic anyway. Try and figure it out for yourself.



Two days ago was my first meet of the year for wrestling :]

In the first meet we barely won 49-51. In the second meet (yesterday) we also won but just barely. They were both fun but it's weird being at another school and wrestling someone you've never met.

My friend Morgan was wrestling somebody extremely hard for him but managed to pull it off. We were tied and Morgan was trying to keep on wrestling until the other kid made a mistake and Morgan took advantage of that and did a half nelson!

I wrestled in exhibition both times and won :] I plan on challenging somebody for vasrsity. I think I'm gonna challenge Dale. This is his first year too but I have a hard time remembering things unless I do them a lot.

Varsity is when you challenge somebody to compete in meets for actual points and win and exhibition is when you challenge somebody to compete in meets but lose and compete for no points. Exhibition is still good though because you get to practice your moves.



Today my friend Octavio got a ride from me to go to wrestling practice. Wrestling started at about 9 AM and ended at about 11.

After practice ended we came to my house and stayed over for a while. He went with me to the doctor because I need to have a physical on file to compete against other schools.

After that I invited him back to my house and we had some food as I helped him burn some songs to some CD's.

I think burnng songs to CD's should actually be legal. I mean if you really think about it... you are actually giving the people who made it some publicity. And the people who don't burn 'em will wanna go out and buy them.



All, right. Today I created a blog in the hopes that I would have a place to share my thoughts, make some money, and get a little fame on the net. Or something along those lines >.>

I honestly have no idea how the hell blogs work but whatever :]

I'm gonna look at some other blogs like and maybe get some ideas on what to put on here.